Your personal adviser :

Marie-Noël Générau More than 30
years’ experience
of providing high quality
language services.

Conference interpreter and qualified translator (including a first-class translation qualification and an additional ESIT University Degree in Judicial Translation and Interpreting), working Personal language pairs: English / French and Spanish / French.

Sworn translator & interpreter registered with the Rennes Court of Appeal for over 20 years

Services provided:
  • One-stop shop multi-lingual conference interpreting solutions
  • On-site technical and business interpreting
  • Translation of editorial and business documents
  • Certified and legal translations (English to French and Spanish to French)
News 25 Février 2015 FAQ et Témoignages clients
En 2014, le Cabinet Générau a assuré avec succès diverses missions d'interprétation simultanée multilingue dans différents domaines, avec conseil le cas échéant, parmi lesquelles on peut citer les Assises de l’économie de la mer et du littoral, où intervenait notamment Manuel...
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If you want to communicate with speakers of different languages through the spoken word, then you need an interpreter.
If you want to have a written document translated into another language, then you need a translator.
If you need to provide a certified translation of a document, then you will need the services of an expert (sworn) translator.

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